About the Author

Jason Foster is an author, poet, freelance journalist and high school teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) and Graduate Diploma in Teaching from WSU as well as a Master of Arts (History) from Macquarie University and a Diploma in Spanish from Macquarie University.

Jason is widely travelled having spent time in five continents and over fifty countries. He has taught in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Argentina; experiences that bring a distinct range and unique world view to his writing.

He has published ten books in the true crime and historical narratives genres. He has also been published the world over with his work appearing in a range of mediums from History magazines in the United States to Australian travel magazines to Poetry Anthologies in the United Kingdom.


Book Titles

Hadamar: The House of Shudders
Jason K. Foster

Nazi Germany is ruled by Hitler’s barbaric policies of racial cleansing. Ingrid Marchand’s only sin was to be born black.

Horrifying institutions like Hadamar are where the undesirables – including the mentally and physically disabled and children – are systematically tortured, gassed and executed. It is where Ingrid is humiliated and brutalised and will encounter a depth of hatred the world has never seen before.

On the brink of starvation, can Ingrid survive the horrors of her incarceration and help bring her tormentors to justice?

Hadamar is a gripping tale of survival in a world of hatred, horror and insanity.

Seven Bones: Two Wives, Two Violent Murders, A Fight for Justice
Peter Seymour and Jason K. Foster

‘We have a dead second wife and a missing first wife…we’ve got a huge problem here.’ Detective Peter Seymour

Seven Bones is the story of one of the more bizarre murder investigations in Australia’s criminal history. Two wives die in suspicious circumstances: co-incidence or, as husband Thomas Keir describes it, ‘bad luck’?

Arriving on the scene, Detective Peter Seymour realised he was dealing with the world’s unluckiest husband or a serial wife killer.Keir’s ‘grieving husband’ act was suddenly in question. The investigation revealed Thomas Keir was a man so jealous he hated even his own baby son touching his wife. A man who thought he could commit the perfect crime and publically taunted the police.

Written through the eyes of Detective Peter Seymour, Seven Bones, follows his relentless pursuit of justice through the drama that would take fifteen years to reach its final conclusion.

Readers say..”I found Seven Bones to be the best true crime novel (of many) I have read This is an incredible story, told in a way that is riveting and jaw-dropping. Written with attention to detail, compassion, and the same determination for ‘warts and all’ truth which Peter Seymour demonstrated during his investigations – I felt for him as much as for Jean, Rosalind and their families.”

“This is a book that once I started reading, just could not put it down, the dedication of this Officer and the Homicide squad was amazing, it may have taken them years but they never give up to find justice for this beautiful young woman whose life was cut so cruelly from her. A Must Read thoroughly recommend this!”

The Dark Man

Jason K. Foster

The Dark Man is the amazing true story of one of Australia’s first serial killers, who kept the colony of New South Wales in the grip of fear as the police ruthlessly hunted their man.

In late 1896, three men go missing in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Each man has answered a newspaper advertisement posted by charismatic conman and notorious criminal, Frank Butler (one of his many aliases). Lured to the western goldfields by stories of the untold wealth that awaits them, the men find themselves at the mercy of the psychopathic Butler in some of Australia’s most isolated and inhospitable terrain.

Motivated by the thrill of killing and by a sick pleasure in outwitting his trusting victims, Butler makes his prey dig their own graves before he shoots them in the back of the head, buries them, and steals their few meagre possessions.

After an exhaustive search of the rugged mountains near Glenbrook, police discover the bodies of the victims. In a criminal investigation that would become legendary, police are led on an international manhunt as Butler uses a Master’s ticket from one of his victim to secure a berth on the steamer, the Swanhilda, headed for San Francisco.

Following a dramatic arrest at gunpoint, Butler is returned to Sydney, found guilty, and hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol, having confessed to those three murders – and alluded to many more. This compelling account of a cold and calculating killer is told in a gripping historical narrative that brings Australia’s Gold Rush period vividly to life.

Deadly Paths

Peter Seymour with Jason K. Foster

Suicides, hangings, shootings, car accidents, drownings, cliff falls, electrocutions …

Detective Peter Seymour has seen every type of death imaginable in his time in the NSW Coroner’s Court and, after many years in law enforcement, the tragedies are beginning to take their toll.

Dealing with death day in day out becomes too much for Seymour and this seasoned veteran starts to grapple with overwhelming feelings of fear and doubt. He decides to return to the police force hoping the operational work might offer some reprieve. Fate would have it otherwise as he is thrust straight back into an intense murder investigation.

One Friday night in the year 2000, Nick Hanes is heading home after a night out with his mates. Barely two-hundred and fifty metres from his home, he is set upon by two men. Bashed, beaten then murdered, Hanes dies after a senseless and random attack.

Seymour is called to the St Mary’s crime scene. He examines the body and discovers that there a very few clues and no leads, no witnesses. As the case unravels it takes every bit of his experience, tenacity and determination to not only discover the identity of the perpetrators but to also deal with his own demons that are beginning to spiral out of control.

Deadly Paths tells the true story of two men embarking on dangerous paths. One man finds himself the victim of a violent crime, the other searching for justice for the dead man’s family as he struggles with his own battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the result of a life spent give his all for others. Both paths are intertwined, and there is no turning back.

Waiting At The Gate
Robyn Caughlan with Jason K. Foster

At the age of five, after years of abuse, and just months after the death of her father, Robyn was sent on a ‘holiday’ and was never returned to her family. She waited at the gate for her mother to return but it soon dawned on her that her family was not coming to get her. This is Robyn’s story. From humble and sometimes horrific beginnings Robyn became one of Australia’s leading fashion and textile designers and an accomplished artist. In Waiting at the Gate Robyn transforms her life and comes back from the brink of despair to rebuild her life.


Fighting Blind

Shane Horsburgh with Jason K. Foster

Fast-paced, gripping and real, a former SWAT team leader and Commando trainer, shares his life story - an intense sometimes humorous account of a remarkable life.

Heroism is found in many forms and sometimes in the most unlikely places

Australian Shane Horsburgh spent years immersed in the chaotic, adrenaline-fuelled world of high-risk policing and counterterrorism - but when the thrill wore off, he quit his job and flew into Baghdad to work for the US Department of Defense, training commandos for the post-Saddam Iraqi police force.

Life in Iraq is surreal, violent and unpredictable - and the enemy is almost impossible to pick. Shane must endure intense physical and mental stress brought on by rogue insurgents, mortar attacks, roadside bombs and fifty-degree heat, doing his best to survive while staying focused on the job. Then he meets an elderly Iraqi man, known as the Professor, in a brief encounter that changes his life . . .

''This is a great read for all blokes, and women too who want to understand us guys a little more . . . Fighting Blind is a must-read.' Glenn McGrath

A Century of ANZACs

Jason K. Foster

The ANZAC tradition was forged on the killing fields of Gallipoli in 1915 and the legend grew throughout the decades at places such as Tobruk, Singapore, Kokoda and Long Tan. A CENTURY OF ANZACS is a pictorial history of Australia's involvement in more than a hundred years of war, conflict and peacekeeping, starting with colonial wars in New Zealand and South Africa in the 1800's, right up to our modern peacekeeping roles in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

With introductions that provide an overview of each conflict in which Australia and New Zealand have served, A CENTURY OF ANZACS includes hundreds of rare and evocative images of courage, sacrifice and duty. The book is a tribute to the men and women who served their country in the past, and the present day soldiers and personnel who continue the ANZAC tradition on the international stage.

Instant Aussie

Jason K. Foster

Instant Aussie is an informative and fun way to truly immerse yourself in fair dinkum Aussie culture without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.
The ideal gift for travellers, or relatives and friends back home.

Instant Aussie covers ...all the important topics of Australia s foundation and political landscape, Australian mysteries and inventions, indigenous history and culture as well as sweeping natural wonders in an amusing and intriguing style.
Discussing the intricacies of immigration, the historic abolition of the White Australia Policy in 1973 and the ensuing multicultural melting pot, and then in the next breath reminiscing about Australian pop-culture, Instant Aussie s scope is wide ranging and will leave readers better informed on the important issues that have shaped the Australia that we know today.
Funny and charming, Jason Foster s tongue-in-cheek how-to guide on the best things to do and ways to act in order to be mistaken for an Aussie and informative fun facts about Australia s cutest and deadliest creatures are what make Instant Aussie a quintessentially Australian book.
Instant Aussie is an informative and fun way to truly immerse yourself in fair dinkum Aussie culture without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.
The ideal gift for travellers, or relatives and friends back home.

The Voyages of Captain Cook

Jason K. Foster

Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779) was one of the most influential explorers in history. Cook sailed thousands of nautical miles across largely uncharted areas of the globe, discovering new lands and mapping vast areas of the Pacific Ocean including the islands of New Zealand and the East Coast of Terra Australis Incognita, which he named New South Wales.
From humble beginnings in York, England, Cook went on to circumnavigate the globe on three occasions before tragically losing his life in the Hawaiian Islands, aged just 52. His achievements not only included the discoveries of countless islands, exotic peoples and previously unknown flora and fauna, but they also led to the settlement of Australia in 1788 and ultimately, changed the world.

The Voyages of Captain Cook is the story of his thrilling and perilous voyages around the world.

Refugees: The Story of Displaced Peoples

Jason K. Foster

Throughout history, refugees have moved between countries and continents in search of freedom and a better life. Australia, being an island continent, is not immune to people from around the world seeking refugee status. This was the case post-World War II when Australia took in thousands of European refugees and immigrants,again after the Vietnam War in the mid-1970s and into the New Millennium after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and most recently, Syria. Refugees The Story of Displaced Peoples, by teacher and author Jason K. Foster, places a difficult and often divisive social and political issue into a broader context. It provides simple, easy-to-access information for a younger generation of learners.